My name is Sara. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll give you a brief overview of who I consider myself to be right now in my life:

I’m an IT professional with a college degree in Music Industry. The two are totally unrelated, but an opportunity arose, and I chose the path of ones and zeros over composition and contracts. I’m also a songwriter and entrepreneur. I write Indie Folk songs with my husband and his band. It’s a great creative outlet at the end of a long work day.

I also own an operate a shop called Dashota. I design knitwear, jewelry, and creative home goods. It’s my absolute passion, and I wouldn’t trade that opportunity for the world.

I decided to start Mind the Static as a way to not only share my journey toward a more intentional and minimalist lifestyle, but it’s also a way to hone my focus and keep myself accountable. I hope you gain some value from my undoubtably quirky and scatterbrained musings.