The Minimal List: 5 Things You Don’t Need

Minimal List Wednesdays: Join me on Wednesdays when I go over a quick list of five things related to the minimalist lifestyle, veganism, and life in general. 

Welcome to the first Minimal List Wednesday! I’ll be taking a bit more casual tone on Wednesdays, because I can’t maintain a semi-pretentious tone 7 days a week. Today, I’m going to go through a list of 5 things I think that you don’t need. Some of these are items in your home, others are simply things in life that I believe we can all do without. 

Let’s get to it:

**1. Things that are broken.**

You know the old saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”? Well, if it’s broken, ditch it. If you’re handy or know someone who is, and the broken item is something that you can quickly fix, do so right away. If not, it’s just another piece of junk that’s filling up space and adding static to your life. 

**2. Clothing that you never wear.**

If it’s ripped or stained, see Number 1 on this list. If it’s something you don’t wear because it doesn’t fit or it’s not your style, off it goes! Your clothing can find a new home with someone that will find more value in it than you do. You’ll have more closet space and be left with only options that you love and give you confidence. Bonus points if you are able to sell some of those items to pay off some debt. Dolla dolla bills, y’all! 

**3. Debt.**

You don’t have to be a financial advisor to know that debt eats away at your bank account and causes undo stress. Money issues are one of the leading causes of divorce in America. This one is a bit easier said than done, but the pain is worth it. I’ll go over this more in depth on a future Monday post, but start with not bringing in new debt, and pay off what you can. Read books or articles from the master of getting out of debt, Dave Ramsey. His methods have helped so many people with different means. Remember friends, mo’ debt, mo’ problems. 

**4. Toxic Relationships.**

This one seems pretty self explanatory, yet so difficult to pull off in practice. Mentally and physically abusive people will leave you hurt, drained, and susceptible to shitty things like depression, anxiety, and low self confidence. Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list. I could write a novel on all the ways toxic relationships can mess with a person. The point is, these types of relationships leave us feeling low and empty. To compensate, we try to fill that emptiness up with bad habits like over consumption, over spending, and a ton of other self destructive behaviors. Toxic relationships are like poison to your wellbeing. It’s not you, it’s them. Trust me. 

**5. An unhealthy diet.**

Raise your hand if you like things like obesity, heart disease, and acid reflux! Anyone? Bueller? I didn’t think so. It’s so easy and convenient to grab a greasy burger, box of Thin Mints, or a slice of pizza to go with that 12 pack of beer, but how do those foods really make you feel? Do you feel hungover after a night of drinking? Do you feel bloated after washing down half of a meat-lover’s pizza with a few cans of soda? There’s a reason you feel like crap after consuming things like refined sugar, greasy foods, and a steady stream of alcohol. Your body is trying to tell you, “I love you, but please stop treating me like crap.” I know, because I’m recovering from food addiction myself. Have a healthy smoothie and cook at home with loads of veggies instead of going out to eat overpriced heat and serve junk. Your body will thank you by shedding fat, giving you more energy, and balancing out your hormones. It’s basically a win-win. 

Of course, there are always more items that could be added to this, but then it wouldn’t be a Minimal List. I hope you got some value and a little bit of joy reading this. 

What are some things you think we don’t need in our lives? Let me know!
With Love // Sara

9 thoughts on “The Minimal List: 5 Things You Don’t Need

  1. Jo Smith says:

    I’v done the clothing option before, but you should also decide what you’re actually going to wear, then buy it, so you’re not wasting money on unwanted clothes.


    1. mindthestatic says:

      I absolutely agree. I’m going through the process right now of creating a small wardrobe for myself with few items, but those items are the ones I will wear on a day to day basis. Have you tried challenging yourself to no shopping for clothing for a year or more? I’m really interested in giving it a go.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. mindthestatic says:

      Thanks, and I agree with you. A lot of it is about the “things”, but there are a lot of intangibles that are doing more harm than good and can actually act as a trigger for things like hoarding and depression.


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